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Indy 500 Degreaser

Solvent Based Degreaser


INDY 500 Degreaser is a highly efficient, self-separating, emulsifying solvent cleaner which does not interfere with the process of oil-water disposal problems. INDY 500 Degreaser has been carefully developed to avoid environmental problems. It works by dispersing oil and grease particles rather than emulsifying them with the rinse of water.

The chemical goes into the oil phase, thus leaving the water phase clean from chemical and oil. The oil phase can be reclaimed or burned without any interference from the chemical. Oilwater separators can be used to maximum capacity without any conflict with the bilge water that contains the cleaning chemical. Risk phrase R10 applies.


Cleaning of metals, painted surfaces, stone and concrete, when slop is required to separate, cleaning of tanks, bilges, tank tops and machinery spaces. Cleaning and degreasing of cooling water systems prior to desicating operations.


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